Somewhere between the field and the fairy tale. (Alex Duvall)


Holes in history is where you'll find me.

Lead me home.We toast the fallow furrows that we sow.This is where I draw the line.The devil owns a hill in my town. He pulls you fast as you're falling down.We've seen those mountains kneeling, felten and grey.The sight of bridges and balloons.And by protecting my heart truly, I got lost.Fog.
(© Alex Duvall. All right reserved)
Selfff."Hi, guys. 
My name is Alex, and I'm 18.
I'm not a photographer. 
I'm just a boy with a camera."

Y eso os lo dice él mismo en su página de inicio en Flickr. Más humilde, imposible. Y eso que sus fotografías son completamente mágicas y limpias. Sencillez pura que engancha. Desde Russellville, Arkansas, para el mundo entero.
Millones de besos

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