1. Blogger inspirations / 2. My morning view / 3. A beautiful place I discovered days ago / 4. Cherry smoothie / 5. My sis & I
1. Ripped jeans & my new "& Other Stories" sandals / 2. Sunnies time! / 3. My first potato omelette EVER / 4. Goodmorning! / 5. I already have my holidays booked!
1. Funny nighty faces / 2. Perfect plan / 3. I started my holidays with this breakfast / 4. New dress / 5. My music & I

Relax. Holidays. No matter when they are, they're absolutly perfect any time. When you read this I'll be  sitting in the pool, relaxing my mind and enjoying the sun. Maybe I'll have my music on and wear a sunglassed. It'll be a beautiful weekend. Even if I'll be there only until wenesday it'll be f*cking awesome. A lot of time to myself. To think, to care of myself, to read a good book, to draw a little, to party. 
Enjoy those days, I want to see what's about you!

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